The Singapore Film Commission (SFC), part of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), is charged with developing Singapore's film industry and nurturing film talent. It is advised by a committee (131.61KB) comprising members from the film, arts and cultural community. Since 1998, the SFC has supported more than 800 short films, scripts, feature films, as well as film-related events in Singapore that showcase homegrown talent and works.

To propel Singapore's film industry towards the next stage of growth, SFC will focus on three strategic thrusts - Talent Development, Internationalization, and Audience Cultivation (SFC Review (14.60MB)).


Singapore’s potential for developing exportable media content is supported by its rich cultural backdrop, inspiring creative output with international appeal. Attesting to this is Singapore’s growing success in the worldwide film industry, with films like A Land Imagined and Pop Aye receiving accolades at acclaimed film festivals such as the Locarno International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival.

Expanding collaborative efforts between local and international film companies have united resources from co-producing countries, enabling Singapore filmmakers to participate in projects of international standing. International film production and service companies like Lucasfilm have also set up locally to harness our creative expertise and talents.

Cannes Film Festival 2023 Call for Participation

The Singapore Film Commission (SFC) will be organising a joint Philippines-Singapore pavilion at the Marche du Film’s Village International in Cannes this year, with the Film Development Council Philippines (FDCP), from 16-24 May 2023.
We will be featuring a list of Singapore companies attending Cannes in the pavilion.
If you are physically participating in the festival/market this year with Singapore film content, please complete the FormSG with your project details by 24 March 2023.
Please note that featuring of titles in the pavilion is subject to IMDA’s curation and further format conversion based on the required video specs.
If you are physically participating in the festival/market and would like to be kept informed of the activities planned for the pavilion, please email sfc@imda.gov.sg.


SFC nurtures high potential talent and collaboration of top talent in Southeast Asia for a strong brand of "Made-with-Singapore" content that would be recognized locally, internationally, and raise the profile of Singapore's media sector.

The calls-for-proposals for feature films and short films are open once a year. More information is available here: 2023 Call-for-Proposals.

The Overseas Development Grant is open for application all year-round.

Complementing the Grants is a Singapore On-Screen Fund to incentivise international media and entertainment companies with global or regional reach to collaborate with Singapore media talent and enterprises to produce feature films or series highlighting the unique culture and landscapes of Singapore. More information is available here.

Media Talent Progression Programme – Content Grants
Public Initiatives

Media Talent Progression Programme – Content Grants

The Content Grants under the Media Talent Progression Programme (MTPP) support the production of content projects that provide quality roles for local media professionals, in order to build up their portfolio and experience.

Media Talent Progression Programme – Overseas Development Grant
Public Initiatives

Media Talent Progression Programme – Overseas Development Grant

The Overseas Development Grant supports media professionals who have been selected for international programmes and platforms that are designed to develop their skills and projects, and build up their international connections and perspectives.

Media Enterprise Programme - Development Grant
Public Initiatives

Media Enterprise Programme - Development Grant

The Development Grant under the Media Enterprise Programme aims to build media enterprises’ core competencies in the development of quality content for international audiences. This is done by providing funding to support structured development process of commercially-ready projects for greenlighting by international networks or digital platforms. Projects with potential may be considered for further production funding.

Useful Resources

Call for Proposals for feature and short films

This page contains detailed information for the IMDA Call-for-Proposals for feature and short film grants.

Filming in Singapore

This page contains information on guidelines and important notes to filming/shooting in Singapore, including the Content Production Safe Management Measures during the COVID-19 period.

Film Directory

This online film directory serves as a repository on Singapore cinema, listing feature films released or produced by Singapore filmmakers, producers and/or companies since 1991.

Film Brochure

This e-brochure lists Singapore feature films, including recent releases from the past two years, upcoming releases, projects in development, and notable titles with critical acclaim over the past decade.

Data on Singapore Cinema

This page contains key statistics on the Singapore cinema industry.

Film Community

This list contains organisations/companies that offer film-related programming and/or activities aiming to grow the audience in the appreciation of Singapore films and talent.