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Communication & Connectivity

About Communication and Connectivity

Communication and connectivity is a critical foundational technology that supports Singapore’s economy. As IMDA continues to architect Singapore’s digital future, we will continue to lead and drive our 5G plans, boost the potential of the 5G network, bolster local capabilities in 5G innovation through testbeds and foster partnerships in 5G and future network technologies.

5G Innovation Programme

The 5G Innovation Grant was set up to accelerate the commercial adoption of 5G-enabled solutions to fuel the next wave of business uplift for companies. In an increasingly competitive global market, this grant allows Singapore-registered enterprises to take advantage of 5G-fueled transformation by de-risking early adoption.

If you are a Singapore-registered company or part of partnership consortium, interested to deploy or adopt new 5G solutions to harness the potential of 5G grant, email your proposal to Non-Singapore registered companies may partner with Singapore companies to form consortium to participate in the grant. This is an open grant and you may submit your proposal whenever you are ready. Proposals will be assessed on a first-come-first-serve basis, subjected to availability of programme funding. 

There will not be any 5G trial spectrum allocated. Proposed projects should focus on commercial deployment of the 5G solutions and hence, tapping on the commercial network rolled out by the Mobile Network Operators. A commercial deployment is defined as the solution being deployed in a live environment, where scale of deployment is indicated by the Applicant at the application stage. For Solution Provider, commercialisation of solution indicates that it is deployed at the first customer's operation. For projects that did not achieve commercialisation, it may be subjected to partial reimbursement, assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

There is no deadline to submit, but priority will be given to tech domains such as robotics & IoT, AI & Data, AR/VR applications. Other domains will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

IMDA will support up to 70% of qualifying costs for approved projects.

Do remember to indicate:

  • Value and impact to enterprises and industry.
  • Operationalisation and commercialisation plan (including possible business model) of the 5G-enabled solutions

For more information on successful use-cases supported by IMDA, please visit 5G Grant page.

5G Testbeds

IMDA, in partnership with Institutes of Higher Learning, technology companies and other government agencies, has developed a series of 5G open testbeds for both government and industry use. These testbeds will help to foster collaboration and capability development for 5G applications and services, helping accelerate the growth of the ecosystem. Companies who are keen to innovate at these testbeds can also tap on IMDA’s 5G Innovation Grant under the 5G Innovation Programme.

Key objectives:

  1. To test and validate mature R&D efforts and facilitate translation.
  2. To enable technology companies to create new products and solutions on 5G networks in Singapore.
  3. To enable ecosystem-wide experimentation and innovation.

Available 5G testbeds

  • 5G @ Sentosa
  • 5G Living Lab @ PIXEL
  • Maritime Drone Estate (MDE)
  • Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab @ Science Park 2
  • Future Communications Translation Lab (FCTLab) @ Singapore Institute of Technology

All businesses will have access to open testbeds to develop, adopt, and commercialise 5G solutions. Contact us at:

Future Communication Programme

The Future Communications Programme (FCP) will support research for the next-generation communications infrastructure (including in AI and cybersecurity), support innovation in future comms and provide scholarships for those who wish to pursue research work in the areas of communication and connectivity. FCP will also look to build and strengthen international partnerships and collaboration across borders.

Hosted by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), the programme comprises:

  • Development of Future Communications Connectivity Lab at SUTD and Future Communications Translation Lab at SIT
  • Grant calls for R&D and translation of future communications technologies
  • Support for local talent pursuing research in communications and connectivity
  • International Partnership for future communications technologies such as 6G

For more information, click on Future Communications Research and Development Programme (FCP).

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