The Built Environment (BE) cluster, comprising industries such as Security, Construction, Environmental Services, Real Estate and Smart Facilities Management. IMDA will focus on support digitalisation for the BE Cluster to support BE companies to review business practices for better outcomes, re-design operating service models, optimise resources, enhance productivity, and increase value-add.  

As part of the digitalisation efforts for the Built Environment, in partnership with the industry and other government agencies, IMDA is driving Singapore’s Smart Estates. 

This includes three approaches:

Build technology and innovation capabilities

IMDA has launched Smart Estates Technology Call for Innovative Solutions (CFIS) to create opportunities for Singapore-based technology providers, developers and Built Environment companies such as security and cleaning service providers, to co-develop and trial estate-level projects in Singapore. IMDA has set aside S$14 million over the next three years to support technology companies in the development of new urban technologies and applications.

IMDA collaborated with the Ministry of Home Affairs to award innovative projects in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Internet-of-Things, to address key challenges outlined in the Security ITM. For more information on the Security CFIS.

IMDA launched Smart Estates CFIS in partnership with Ascendas-Singbridge and JTC to address the desired outcomes of next generation estates and overcome the challenges in existing ones.

For more information on the 13 awarded companies (1.57MB) for the Security CFIS and Smart Estates CFIS.

In the continual efforts to develop Singapore’s Smart Estates, IMDA will be partnering new developers.

Strengthen business partnerships and ecosystem

IMDA will form strategic public-private partnerships to strengthen the smart estates ecosystem and developing new technology capabilities as well as exploring business opportunities in the region.

The Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab, led by Ascendas-Singbridge Group with support from IMDA and Enterprise Singapore. This lab is a demand-driven one that aims to bring together technology providers to co-create world-class solutions to solve challenges presented by industry players.  The lab will also provide test-bedding infrastructure and run industry programmes to develop and test future urban technology solutions for commercialisation, with potential to export to overseas markets.

IMDA has also partnered Austrade to focus on facilitating networking opportunities for Singapore and Australian property developers, BE companies and technology companies. The intent is to facilitate co-development of smart estates technologies, explore new opportunities in the Southeast Asian region, as well as co-develop a smart estates guide for the industry.

Develop talent in smart estates & drive thought leadership

As part of IMDA’s Smart Estates Initiatives, the Smart Estates Talent Development Programme (SETDP) is a strategic initiative introduced by IMDA and SSG, in collaboration with BCA, to envision the future jobs, skills and competencies, and talent pipeline needed to support the Smart Estates ecosystem of tomorrow.

IMDA and SSG signed a MOU with CapitaLand, CPG Corporation, EM Services, the Singapore International Facility Management Association, Singapore Polytechnic, the Singapore Institute of Technology and Temasek Polytechnic, to co-develop and pilot SETDP in 2020. As a start, IMDA and SSG will partner CapitaLand, CPG Corporation and EM Services to redesign jobs and skills and pilot a new curriculum to build new Smart Estates capabilities, establish new industry standards and equip the workforce with relevant skills and competencies.

For more information on the SETDP, please click here (4.27MB).

Last updated on: 25 Nov 2019