IMDA Reference Documents, Specifications and Guides are informative documents, and are not used for registration of customer equipment. They are either one of the following types of documents:

  • Informative and interim documents on customer equipment standards which are yet to be adopted by the network operators and where standardisation is in progress
  • Informative documents describing network standards and practices adopted by the public telecommunication networks in Singapore
Reference Standards
Specifications, Documents, Guides DateTitle 
IMDA IoT CS GuideMar 2020IMDA IoT Cyber Security Guide (967.82KB)
IMDA IoT Cyber Security Guide Annex A (1.04MB)
IMDA IoT Cyber Security Guide Annex B (1.48MB)
IMDA RS IPv6Oct 2016Reference Specification for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Profile (996.53KB)
IMDA RS NGN Tech FrameworkOct 2016
Reference Specification for Next Generation Networks (NGN) Technical Framework (816.35KB)
Reference Specification for NGNBN Network Termination Architecture and Requirements (793.03KB)
IMDA RD OFD Reference Document for NGNBN - Optical Fibre Deployment
IMDA RD OFD - Part 1Oct 2016
Fundamentals of Optical Fibre Communication (984.23KB)
IMDA RD OFD - Part 2Oct 2016
Optical Fibre Cables and Field Installation (1.33MB)
IMDA RD OFD - Part 3Oct 2016
Connecting and Splicing Fibres (1.44MB)
IMDA RD OFD - Part 4Oct 2016
Testing and Monitoring of Passive Optical Access Networks (983.03KB)
IMDA RD OFD - Part 5Oct 2016
FTTx components, Planning and Deployment (1.48MB)
IMDA RS PSTN/ISDN EvolutionOct 2016
Reference Specification for PSTN/ISDN Evolution to NGN (560.29KB)


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