Advanced Digital Solutions


Funding support for Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) was announced as part of the Resilience Budget 2020 to help enterprises deepen their digital capabilities, strengthen business continuity measures and build longer term resilience. Solutions supported under ADS address common enterprise-level challenges at scale, help enterprises to adopt cutting-edge technologies and enable enterprises to transact more seamlessly within or across sectors.


The types of solutions identified for ADS are those which meet the objectives set out in the Industry Transformation Maps and the Industry Digital Plans that further develop the types of digital solutions that are needed by the industry.

Who is it for

Enterprises that meet the following criteria may receive funding support to adopt pre-approved ADS solutions:

  • Be registered and operating in Singapore;
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding; and
  • Be in a financially viable position to start and complete the project.

Funding Support

Validity period: Enterprises must commit to adopt the ADS solutions by 31 Dec 2020 and complete implementation of the digital solutions by 31 Dec 2021.


Support level: Enterprises can receive up to 80% funding support for the qualifying costs of digital solutions over a duration of 12 months.


Qualifying costs: Funding support can cover the costs for hardware, software, infrastructure, connectivity, cybersecurity, integration, development, enhancement and project management. The programme will also cover the cost of deploying these solutions (e.g. acquisition, subscription, lease, transaction, training and professional services like programmers and project managers).

Who can participate as project lead

Industry players (including intermediaries, sector champions and solution providers) that demonstrate the following may submit their solutions to be considered for ADS support:

  • Achieve key digitalisation goals that are sector-wide, that would help enterprises be more resilient and raise productivity;
  • Have clear vision, commitment and approach to achieve the target within 12 months;
  • Project lead and proposed solution should possess track record of successful adoptions and helping enterprises achieve productivity gains; and
  • Have received interest from sizeable number of companies to adopt the solutions, with the aim of bringing in at least 50 companies, 80% of which are SMEs.

Contact details for project leads

Enterprises can contact the project leads of the ADS projects they are interested in. More will be added progressively.


Project Leads

Project Information

Contact Details


Doxa Holdings International Pte Ltd

A Procure–to-Pay platform solution that connects buyers and suppliers, with a construction industry-specific module for main contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers that allows the performance of the entire end-to-end procurement transaction process from project creation, to forecast & budgeting, Request For Quotation (RFQ) & negotiation, issuing Contracts, Purchase Order (PO), Delivery Order (DO), e-invoicing and direct payments.

Name: Leon Yeo

Contact: 6970 9920


Hubble Pte Ltd

Hubble’s COVIDSafe Restart Ready Technologies are digital solutions that consist of hardware and software systems. Hubble's COVIDSafe hardware includes thermal scanners with biometric facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence cameras, and bluetooth wearable technologies that help contractors streamline worksite access control and enforce safe distancing measures. Hubble’s software systems help simplify compliance processes, automate all COVID control measure-related administrative tasks, and manage safety and quality processes remotely.

Name: Edwin Tan


Contact: 6816 7890



Novade Solutions Pte Ltd

Novade provides an integrated platform that helps contractors comply with COVID-19 Safe Restart, manage safety procedures and improve quality. Paper forms such as Safe Management checklist are replaced with an easy-to-use mobile application with end-to-end integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices (e.g. thermal camera) for seamless data reporting flow. This includes digitising safety procedures on construction sites such as Permits-To-Work (PTWs) or Non-Conformity Reports (NCRs), quality processes such as quality inspection and defect management.

Name: Lucas Tan


Contact: 6252 6905



Facilities Management

EverComm Singapore Pte Ltd

Tailored AI-enabled digital assistant solution to addresses the key challenges of SMEs like high digitalisation cost and long implementation cycle, on-site human presence to run equipment operations, shortages of ready-to-go digital skilled workforce, etc. The solution comprises IoT sensors, operation chatbot, digital reports & sensor installation services and IoT/AI trained resources that will help the SMEs to adopt digitalisation in a most cost-effective manner.

Name: TS Velan
Contact: 9008 8785


Facilities Management

Green Koncepts Pte Ltd

Digital IoT real estate management solution enables Facility Managers to drive sustainability programmes in offices, buildings and industrial plants, which implement energy and water conservation initiatives, and optimise air quality for a healthier work environment. It provides real time notifications for power trips, equipment faults or overcrowding, and remotely manages and operate all facilities through one single app.

Name: Ruth Goh
Contact: 6245 9332 / 9008 7904


Facilities Management

IBASE Technology Pte Ltd

Enterprise-grade property management platform on the cloud which scales up or down to meet the needs of property managers, Smart FM, IFM and property owners, to manage recurring billings, payments collections, building and asset maintenance & upkeep, supplier management and MCST management.

Name: Russell Kok
Contact: 6557 2516



Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd

Oneberry’s security robot KenOBI is a security, surveillance and concierge robot that can help to automate manual security tasks and complement security manpower. It is a contactless security solution serving multi-functional needs that can be integrated across existing building infrastructure such as visitor management, safe entry, access control and the command centre. To increase productivity further across all security touchpoints within a building, other technologies are available for integration, to provide a holistic productivity-enabled security solution.

Name: Sara Pereira

Contact: 6694 0251



OTSAW Digital Pte Ltd 

Powered by patented 3D SLAM based navigation technology, OTSAW’s outdoor security robot O-R3 can do patrolling on wide range of environments, avoid static and dynamic obstacles, and return-to-base when its energy runs out. OTSAW’s indoor security robot O-R2 is a multi-featured autonomous mobile robot that provides concierge and temperature taking services in the day and security surveillance in the night. O-R2 is equipped with patrol and surveillance capabilities, as well as video recording features to help keep premises safe and secure.

Name: Alan Tan
Contact: 9663 9142



Xjera Labs Pte Ltd

An award-winning video analytics solution, XJERA LABS’ video analytics provides the security surveillance backbone behind key government and commercial enterprises. The integrated security and retail product helps companies to improve their bottom line by improving daily operational efficiency and creating a better customer experience.

Name: Jeremy Heng
Contact: 9111 9025


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