About the Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS)

The Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) was announced as part of the Resilience Budget 2020 to help enterprises deepen their digital capabilities, strengthen business continuity measures, and build longer term resilience. ADS is an initiative under the SMEs Go Digital programme in collaboration with the ITM Lead Agencies as part of Singapore's digitalisation efforts. ADS supports the adoption of advanced technologies (e.g., AI, Robotics, Blockchain and Internet of Things), and integrated digital solutions (e.g., B2B solutions that integrate inventory management, e-invoicing, and digital payments) that address common enterprise-level challenges at scale.

Who can apply

Any business entity that meets the following requirements will be eligible:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore;
  • Minimum of 30% local shareholding; and
  • Group sales turnover not more than S$100 million per annum, or group employment size not more than 200 employees

Enterprises can contact the project leads of the ADS projects they are interested in. More will be added progressively.

List of supported ADS projects

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Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: Innovative Hub (Alibaba) Package for Singapore SMEs

This project will support the local Participating SMEs to sign up the Gold or Platinum package offered by Innovative Hub and onboard onto Alibaba.com. The package will provide the local Participating SMEs with the following services/support that will help them achieve cross-border success on Alibaba.com:

a. Account Subscription on Alibaba.com

b. Digital marketing in the form of keyword advertising on Alibaba.com

c. Value-added service provided by Alibaba

i. Mini-site setup (including product listing and optimization)

ii. Account management

iii. Alibaba’s targeted training in RFQ and inquiry management

iv. Digital marketing campaign management

v. Account diagnoses

vi. Monthly performance report

d. Dedicated Alibaba.com Seller Training by Alibaba

e. 6-months e-store operation and management by Innovative Hub

Valid from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023.

Project Lead: Innovative Hub (SG) Pte. Ltd.

Name: Sandee
Email: sandeewu@innovativehub.com.sg
Contact: 8157 8741
URL: www.innovativehub.com.sg

Project Name: Smart Workplace Safety

Smart workplace Safety solution enables local enterprises to build up business resilience by prevention and earlier detection of workplace safety and health incidents. Through the motion-based work activity classification AI, enterprises can also get better insights into productivity and thus manage their workforce and work outcomes more effectively and efficiently thus improving their competitiveness.

Valid from 31 March 2023 to 30 March 2024.

Project Lead: Vulcan AI Pte. Ltd.

Name: Manik Bhandari
Email: manik.bhandari@vulcan-ai.com / sales@vulcan-ai.com
Contact: 9297 3709
URL: https://www.vulcanworks.ai

Project Name: Digital Integration of SME Business Operations

With digital transformation taking centre stage in recent years, businesses have adopted a burgeoning suite of SaaS applications in their day-to-day work. This has led to increased fragmentation and data silos, resulting in inefficient business operations.

This project will help B2B technology companies and their SME customers integrate different applications and automate their business workflows, using industry-leading low/no code iPaaS platform, Workato. Non-technical users from business functions like HR, Finance and Business Operations will be able to integrate and automate easily without having to write code. Workato will also provide plug-and-play solutions with enterprise-grade security, helping our local businesses to supercharge their business productivity and integrate their tech stack seamlessly.

Valid from 31 March 2023 to 30 March 2024.

Project Lead: Workato Pte Ltd

Name: Gladys Ng
Email: gladys.ng@workato.com
Contact: 9452 7956
URL: http://www.workato.com

Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: Drone Inspection System

Bundled drone technologies with professional training and data visualization software to dramatically cut down building façade inspection time while improving workflow efficiency and accuracy. FlightVault software produces an automated report based on Cloud Based 3D Visualisation and Automated Analysis data, thus saving significant time.

Valid from 26 September 2022 to 25 September 2023.

Project Lead: Avetics Global Pte. Ltd.

Name: Zhang Weiliang
Email: team@avetics.com
Contact: 9632 4043
URL: https://www.avetics.com/matrice-30

Project Name: Procurement Ecosystem for the Construction Industry

A Procure-to-Pay digital platform solution that connects buyers and suppliers, with a construction industry-specific module for main contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers that allows the performance of the entire end-to-end procurement transaction process from project creation, to forecast and budgeting, Request For Quotation (RFQ) and negotiation, issuing Contracts, Purchase Order (PO), Delivery Order (DO), e-invoicing, and direct payments.

Valid from 13 July 2020 to 12 January 2023.

Project Lead: Hubble Pte Ltd

Name: Edwin Tan
Email: team@hubble.sg
Contact: 6816 7890
URL: http://www.hubble.sg/

Project Name: AI Powered Building Facade Inspection

Facade Inspector is a turn-key AI and Machine Learning powered building facade maintenance inspection SaaS platform designed to turn image data acquired by aerial drones into automated and intelligent building condition insights with reporting capabilities for asset owners, facilities managers, insurers, specialty or generalist contractors, and engineering consultants.

Valid from 27 June 2022 to 26 December 2023.


Project Lead: H3 Dynamics Pte Ltd

Name: Shaun Koo
Email: shaun@h3dynamics.com
Contact: 90739118
URL: https://www.h3zoom.ai/

Project Name: COVID-Safe Restart Digital Package

Novade provides an integrated platform that helps contractors comply with COVID-Safe Restart Criteria, manage safety procedures, and improve quality. Paper forms such as safe management checklists are replaced with an easy-to-use mobile application with end-to-end integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices (e.g. thermal camera) for seamless data reporting flow. This includes digitalising safety procedures on construction sites such as Permits-To-Work (PTWs) or Non-Conformity Reports (NCRs), quality processes such as quality inspection and defect management.

Valid from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2023.

Project Lead: Novade Solutions Pte Ltd

Name: Andrew Ho
Email: sales@novade.net
Contact: 6252 6905
URL: http://www.novade.net/

Facilities Management
Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: AXIOBOTS - A Robotic Cleaning, Painting Visual Inspection and Water-Tightness Test Solution

A robotic façade solution capable of performing Painting, Cleaning, Visual Inspection and Water-Tightness Test deployable on various mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). With the robotic solution, it provides a safer workplace in reducing/eliminating workers’ exposure to work-at-height risks, less manpower (requires only one operator to carry out the work), promotes better quality, and consistency in finishing for better productivity gain.

Valid from 16 September 2022 to 15 September 2023.

Project Lead: Elid Technology International Pte Ltd

Name: Kenneth Wong
Email: kenneth@elid.net
Contact: 9636 7887
URL: http://www.elid.com.sg/


No projects at the moment.

Sea Transport

No projects at the moment.

Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: VERIFSUITE™ Managed Services

Ademco’s VERIFSUITE™ is a range of technology enabled Managed Services that radically changes how businesses manage security and safety.

With no upfront capital expenditure required, VERIFSUITE™ operates on a Security-as-a-Service subscription model that reduces the hassles of conventional security management and allows you to focus on your core business activities.

By integrating technologies such as video analytics, 24 hours remote alarm monitoring, video surveillance services, and mobile-centric access control solutions,  VERIFSUITE™ is designed to help you enhance the security of your premise while reducing your security manpower cost.

Valid from 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2023.

Project Lead: Ademco (Far East) Pte Ltd

Name: Jag Foo
Email: verifsuite_ads@ademcosecurity.com
Contact: 6305 3000
URL: http://ademcosecurity.com/verifsuite_ADS


Co-Lab is a state-of-the-art intelligent robot designed for security and facility management businesses. Advanced AI video analytics for 24/7 detections, alerts, and public announcements ensures you will always have full situational control.

Co-Lab is equipped with lift-integration capabilities to support your full inspection needs at any sites with ease. Co-Lab is also integrable with your existing backend work systems, providing seamless onboarding, deployments, rostering, and incident reporting.

Valid from 28 November 2022 to 27 November 2023.

Project Lead: Kabam Pte. Ltd.

Name: Ben Chia
Email: ben.chia@kabam.ai
Contact: 9456 6637
URL: https://www.kabam.ai

Project Name: iSmart Command Centre

The iSmart Command Centre is a fully functional 24/7 solution that integrates Video Management System, Video Analytics, Visitor Management System, License Plate Reader, and Virtual Patrol on a single platform, as well as allows connectivity to existing systems. Companies would be able to utilise the solution to automate manual security processes, optimise manpower resources, and increase productivity to enable outcome base contracts for security.

Valid from 15 December 2021 to 14 June 2023.

Project Lead: Kyly CST Pte Ltd

Name: Daniel G.
Email: Danielg@kylycst.com
Contact: 9071 0868
URL: https://kylycst.com/

Project Name: RoboGuard: Contactless and Integrated Security for Buildings

Oneberry’s security robot KenOBI is a security, surveillance and concierge robot that can help to automate manual security tasks and complement security manpower. It is a contactless security solution serving multi-functional needs that can be integrated across existing building infrastructure such as visitor management, safe entry, access control, and the command centre. To increase productivity further across all security touchpoints within a building, other technologies are available for integration, to provide a holistic productivity-enabled security digital solution.

Valid from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2023.

Project Lead: Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd

Name: Terry Ng
Email: terry@oneberry.com
Contact: 6692 6760
URL: http://www.oneberry.com/

Project Name: Integrated Security Solution Augmented with Autonomous Robots

Powered by patented 3D SLAM based navigation technology, OTSAW’s outdoor security robot O-R3 can do patrolling in wide range of environments, avoid static and dynamic obstacles, and return-to-base when its energy runs out. OTSAW’s indoor security robot O-R2 is a multi-featured autonomous mobile robot that provides concierge and temperature taking services in the day and security surveillance in the night. O-R2 is equipped with patrol and surveillance capabilities, as well as video recording features to help keep premises safe and secure.

Valid from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2023.

Project Lead: OTSAW Digital Pte Ltd

Name: Alan Tan
Email: alan@otsaw.com
Contact: 9663 9142
URL: http://www.otsaw.com/

Project Name: Security Collaboration Platform Smart Command Centre solutions

Specvision i-VAMS is an All-in-One Video Analytics and Smart Command Centre solution to manage manpower challenges. Companies can connect any brand of IP CCTV to the Specvision platform and enjoy 18 different types of Video Analytics. The powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform will convert any analog IP camera to smart, enterprise grade, high accuracy video analytics on a subscription basis.

The solution would enable collation as well as analysis of data to enable incident allocation and tracking. Reports related to productivity, cost, margins as well as revenue across sites can be generated. Video Analytics, Visitor Management, and Patrolling Management modules would enable automation of tasks and enable efficient operations.

Valid from 15 December 2021 to 14 September 2023.

Project Lead: Spectra Innovations Pte Ltd

Name: May Lim
Email: bsaas@spectra.com.sg
Contact: 9489 4199 / 8189 4740
URL: https://www.bsaas.com.sg

Project Name: Security Robot Solutions

STELS autonomous Security Robot is an intelligent and collaborative system that can complement existing indoor/outdoor security operations. Leveraging smart technology such as artificial intelligence, video and data analytics and machine perception, our solution can pick up anomalies and pre-empt security threat to ensure public security. STELS Security Robot Solutions include Mobile and Cloud C2 that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations by providing continuous monitoring and real-time reporting of security incidents. This can help to reduce operation costs associated with security personnel and equipment.

Valid from 24 March 2023 to 23 March 2024.

Project Lead: ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.

Name: E Jun Hao, Frederick
Email: ejh@stengg.com
Contact: 8699 4466
URL: https://www.stengg.com/en/public-security/homeland-security/security-robotics/

Project Information Contact Details

Project Name: Data Supply Chain & Integration Services with Advanced AI Module

Help local enterprises improve their digital readiness and capabilities by connecting different data sources within the organisation, like Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Building Management Systems (BMS), and more. Centralizing this data into an easily managed platform via various sub-systems data sources integration will speed up the deployment and usage of AI applications to boost productivity and achieve general operational efficiency.

Valid from 6th Feb 2023 to 5th Feb 2024.

Project Lead: EverComm Singapore Pte Ltd

Name: TS Velan
Email: velants@evercomm.com.sg
Contact: 9008 8785
URL: https://evercomm.io/

Project Name: BtrLyf- Digital Built Environment Ecosystem 

BtrLyf-EDGAR (Enhanced Digital Green Assessor) is an online productivity tool for initiating and tracking green building projects. Through open access digital twins, users are able to search, compare, and benchmark building performance as well as qualify and match the latest and best available energy conservation measures to improve building performance. Combined with the world-class energy modelling capabilities of IESVE, enterprises such as building owners can achieve much lower operating costs with higher productivity, and explore new opportunities in view of the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Valid from 15 December 2021 to 14 June 2023.

Project Lead: Qi Square Pte Ltd

Name: Rupesh Umtol
Email: rupesh@qisquare.sg
Contact: +91 9820315245
URL: https://www.btrlyf.com/

Project Name: Analyse and optimise utilities to manage costs and carbon emissions with GET™ Insights from SP Digital

SP Digital, a wholly owned subsidiary of SP Group, delivers innovative Green Energy Tech (GET™) solutions that enable building owners and facility managers to leverage smart insights to optimise energy efficiency, enhance occupant experience and advance sustainability efforts.

GET™ Insights is a smart utilities consumption monitoring solution in the GET suite which uses digital electricity and water submeters to collect real-time consumption data into GET’s cloud-based energy management platform. Real-time intelligence is consolidated and visualised on central dashboards which comes with customisable alerts and notifications. With GET Insights, businesses can monitor, manage, and analyse their utilities usage, and make informed decisions based on data to drive behavioural changes on their consumption patterns and contribute to a more sustainable future. Businesses can also tap into the data and insights to facilitate sustainability-linked loan financing and carbon emissions reporting, explore operational anomalies, and identify critical repair or replace decisions before severity and costs escalates.

Valid from 1 November 2022 to 31 October 2023

Project Lead: SP Digital Pte Ltd

Name: Giles Chua
Email: gilescbh@spgroup.com.sg
Contact: 9673 4083
URL: www.spdigital.sg

Project Name: Smart Energy Management and Monitoring & Facilities Control Solution  

This digital solution provides enterprises with the capabilities to automate and remotely manage and monitor its building facilities operations. It can help to build up business resilience and allowing operations to continue without disruption. With the capability to digitalise environmental data, enterprise capabilities can be further enhanced. Digitalisation and automation for building facilities management can result in higher operation efficiency and lower energy usage, thereby reducing overall operating and energy cost.

Valid from 15 December 2021 to 30 June 2023.

Project Lead: The Automated Lifestyle Pte Ltd

Name: Esther Wong
Email: esther@automatedlifestyle.com.sg
Contact: 8218 5578
URL: https://www.automatedlifestyle.com.sg


No projects at the moment.

Industry players (including intermediaries, sector champions and solution providers) that demonstrate the following may submit their solutions to be considered for ADS support: 

  • Target to achieve key digitalisation goals that are sector-wide, that would help enterprises be more resilient and raise productivity. You may refer to the requirements in the following call for proposals or propose solutions that meet this criterion for any sector;

    • Stage 2 / Stage 3 solution categories in the Industry Digital Plans (subject to approval by respective sector lead agencies)
  • Have clear vision, commitment and approach to achieve the target within 12 months;
  • Project lead and proposed solution should possess track record of successful adoptions and helping enterprises achieve productivity gains; and
  • Have received interest from a sizeable number of companies to adopt the solutions, with the aim of bringing in at least 50 companies, 80% of which are SMEs.

If you want to be considered for ADS support, please contact us using the feedback form at the end of this webpage. All ADS support must be approved by 31 March 2023 (extended from 30 September 2021).

Funding Support

Support level: Enterprises can receive up to 70% funding support for the qualifying costs of digital solutions.


Qualifying costs: Funding support can cover the costs for hardware, software, infrastructure, connectivity, cybersecurity, integration, development, enhancement and project management. The programme will also cover the cost of deploying these solutions (e.g. acquisition, subscription, lease, transaction, training and professional services like programmers and project managers).


If you would like to provide feedback on Advanced Digital Solutions, you can send us your feedback in this form.
If you need other support, please visit www.imda.gov.sg/SMEsGoDigital for information on SMEs Go Digital.

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