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Advanced Digital Solutions

About Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS)

ADS was announced as part of the Resilience Budget 2020 on 26 Mar 2020 to support enterprises to deepen their digital capabilities, strengthen business continuity measures and to drive digital transformation to build business resilience for growth in a digital economy.

ADS is an initiative aimed at supporting enterprises to pilot the following types of solutions as early adopters:

  1. Advanced or integrated solutions, aligned with solution categories in Stage 2 or 3 in the Industry Digital Plans (IDPs);
  2. Sustainability solutions such as carbon management and resource optimisation; and
  3. E-commerce platforms that enable SMEs to scale their businesses locally and globally.

When clear business outcomes and demand are demonstrated from early adoption use cases, solutions could then transit to be supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) scheme, subject to prevailing circumstances and the decision of IMDA.

Call for Proposals (CFPs)

To qualify for ADS support, proposals must address the requirements as published via CFPs. More details on requirements will be published over time. Do note that it is important to abide by the deadlines specified within the CPFs, failing which, the proposal cannot be considered.

  • There are currently no CFPs available.

Project Leads

Industry partners, which could include solution providers, chain leaders, queen bees, trade associations, are welcome to submit proposals as Project Leads. Before proposals can be considered for grant support assessment, Project Leads must clearly state the following in their applications:

  1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the requirements specified in the CFP;
  2. Sound and proven strategic, operational and financial capabilities to deliver the committed output within the defined project period, with a strong track record of project achievements, and supported by a project team with the necessary requisite qualifications and experience on project delivery and execution;
  3. A detailed action plan on how the proposed solution can be mass deployed to the wider segment of SMEs, upon successful completion of the ADS project, i.e. project must not be a once-off implementation for an individual enterprise or niche group of enterprises.

ADS projects

These are the type of projects supported under ADS that are currently in the process of onboarding early enterprise adopters:


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Infographic - Go Digital with CTOaaS

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