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Digitalisation offers endless possibilities to transform businesses, groom talent, and enrich the way we live - possibilities that are now yours for the taking, with Singapore Digital (SG:D).

SG:D is a nation-wide movement to unify Singapore’s digitalisation efforts. Whether it’s help for different industries to jumpstart their digitalisation journeys, or creating new ecosystems, opportunities and capabilities for the future, SG:D is set to take us ahead as a leading global node in Asia for this digital economy.

Find out more about the strategy driving this movement, with the Digital Economy Framework for Action.

 A new milestone for SG:D

The Services and Digital Economy Technology Roadmap (SDE TRM) was launched on 22 November 2018 and is an important part of Singapore’s Digital Economy Framework for Action. It provides a scan of the digital technology landscape in the next 3 to 5 years, identifying the impact of key shifts and technology trends.

Services 4.0 was identified as a key engine of growth for Singapore’s digital economy as the services industry accounts for 72% of our GDP. This roadmap will enable business across sectors to harness technology and innovate, equipping their workers with new skills and capturing opportunities in the digital marketplace to deliver customer-centric experiences.

Digitalisation Journeys

Mohamed Afiq

"After going cloud-native, we went from a few hundred to a few thousand orders, so we needed to increase our computing capabilities. All it took was five minutes to change a number of the dashboard to increase our capabilities by three times." –  Mohamed Afiq, Chief Technology Officer, Janio


Poh Lai Khim

"Whenever I share to IRAS RPA community, I refer to it as a third language, much like your first language and mother tongue. It takes time to be proficient. This skill and other new digital capabilities open up new channels and possibilities for us to redefine the Singapore taxpaying experience.” – Ms Poh Lai Khim, Assistant Commissioner, IRAS

CEO at Jing King Tech

“Utilising automation is key to improving productivity and increasing the level of service. At Jing King Tech, what we do is to curate these technologies and turn them into unique business service solutions for our clients based on their different organisational needs.” - Mr Anthony Ong, Group CEO at Jing King Tech

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Innovation Showcase

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Last updated on: 06 Nov 2019