Pre-Approval of ICM Vendors' Solutions


Infocomm Media (ICM) vendors play a key role in enabling enterprises with digital capabilities that will help them grow and reap productivity gains.

IMDA reaches out to ICM vendors through our Monthly ICM Vendor Briefings. At these sessions, we share about the SMEs Go Digital programme and how you can apply for pre-approval of your digital solution under the programme.

Latest updates

  • (NEW!) Removal of the need for ICM vendors to submit 5 Letters of Intent (LOIs) as part of the pre-approval process.
  • (NEW!) Updates to the Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist for the Generic, Advanced Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, Early Childhood, Environmental Services, Estate Agency, Financial Services, Logistics, Marine and Offshore Engineering, Retail, Security, Tourism and Wholesale Trade sectors.

As an alternative to physical meetings during the COVID-19 situation, ICM vendors can view a video recording of a past Vendor Briefing on SGTech’s website. Once done, you simply need to answer 3 MCQ questions, and accept an undertaking that you have watched the video in full. ICM Vendors may then proceed with the submission as guided by instructions on

Who is it for

Vendors with ready ICM digital solutions that are sector-specific or that cut across various sectors.


Pre-approved solutions are assessed by IMDA to be effective, market-tested and cost-effective. They may be eligible to be considered for the various Government incentive support.

For solution categories that can be eligible for:

  1. Grant support such as Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), please refer to GoBusiness Gov Assist; and/or
  2. Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB), please refer to IMDA DRB.

How to apply

  • Evaluation Criteria:

To be pre-approved under the programme, you will be evaluated on capacity and capability; as well as whether your solution meets the requirements of target sectors.

ICM vendors can download and complete the Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist for the following sectors, to determine if your digital solution is eligible for pre-approval under the programme.

Checklist by SectorVersionPublish Date
 Generic (applicable to all industries)20-3.16 Nov 2020
 Advanced Manufacturing20-3.019 Sep 2020
 Construction and Facilities Management21-1.026 Feb 2021
 Cybersecurity20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Early Childhood20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Environmental Services20-4.01 Jan 2021
 Estate Agency20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Financial Services20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Food Services20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Healthcare20-4.0 23 Dec 2020
 Logistics20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Marine and Offshore Engineering20-4.016 Feb 2021
 Retail20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Sea Transport20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Security20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Tourism20-3.01 Oct 2020
 Wholesale Trade20-3.01 Oct 2020

Thermal scanning devices for body temperature measurement are regulated medical devices under the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). These are required to be evaluated and registered by HSA and the vendors are required to be licensed.

ICM Vendors may proceed to submit the completed Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist and supporting documents online through the SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approval System. Please note that LOIs signed by 5 local SMEs are no longer required to be submitted as part of the supporting documents.

  • SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approval System:

From 1 January 2020, all new and re-applications for pre-approval will be received online through the SMEs Go Digital Pre-Approval System. Please click here to access the Pre-Approval System and submit the completed checklist. For more information on how to use the system, download the User Guide here (3.53MB) or scan the QR Code below:

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Last updated on: 26 Feb 2021