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In our journey to transformation, we have prepared the tools for Singaporeans to make the most out of the new Digital Economy. Whether you're an SME, MNC or an individual looking to do more with the Digital Economy, we are prepared to help! Have a look at some ways we can help you, and explore the endless possibilities that is SG:D!

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Digital Readiness

As the Digital Economy becomes a reality in Singapore, we have to aim to be ready for the shift in the landscape. Singaporeans can learn what it takes to be ready and prepared for this new Digital Economy, and how we can thrive within it.

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SG:D Talent

SG:D Talent is committed to educating graduates and professionals on the career opportunities and benefits of the Infocomm Media industry.More than just a portal, it offers programmes and scholarships for everyone – from beginners to infocomm media professionals to grow in the Digital Economy.

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SG:D SMEs Go Digital

The SG:D SMEs Go Digital programme was announced at Budget 2017 to help SMEs build stronger digital capabilities to seize the opportunities for growth in the digital economy. Building on the foundation of Enhanced iSPRINT, SG:D SMEs Go Digital takes on a more structured and inclusive approach towards the adoption of digital technologies by SMEs.

Details: SMEs Go Digital | Logistics IDP | Retail IDP 

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