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Welcome to the We Go Digital page, part of IMDA's Stay Healthy, Go Digital campaign! 

The current COVID-19 situation is a challenging one, but we can still make the most of our time even while staying at home.

Remember, life doesn't have to go on hold when you can Go Digital!

New to going digital? You can try…GoWhere!

Need to get online, or to get computing devices? 

We’ve lined up some resources and guides for you!

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Life Goes On…Online!

Thanks to the convenience offered by digital tools and mobile connectivity, we can still enjoy some of our favourite activities even after taking precautions such as safe distancing or working from home during this period.

IMDA has collaborated with industry partners to provide the relevant guides and resources to help you stay active and productive!

Here are some self-help resources you can tap on for the following activities:

Buy Online
Pay Online
Learn Online
Play Online


Buy Online

It's really easy to start buying things online without leaving the comfort of your home.

Learn how to do so through our e-commerce partners’ quick-start guides – and enjoy some shopping deals too! 


Pay Online

New to e-payments and digital banking?

Check out these online resources from our banking partners that will show you how to pay online and manage your finances.


Learn Online

Pick up some digital skills and knowledge anytime, anywhere – and especially in the comfort of your own home! Use the spare time to pick up a new skill or just learn something new to upgrade yourself and your family. 

Check out the Learn Online directory for a variety of learning resources.

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Play Online

Yes, you can play games online, but there are even more interesting entertainment options available. How about a virtual museum tour? Or live-streaming of events and seminars?

Check out the Play Online directory now for all the online content you can enjoy – from Arts and Culture, to Fitness!

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Help Others

Sometimes it takes a personal touch to help us learn better!

For example, you can help your loved ones by sharing your favourite apps and a digital tip or two to get them started.

If you are keen to start a project to help fellow Singaporeans increase their digital readiness, tap on Our Singapore Fund for Digital Readiness to support up to 80% of your project costs Community projects that can be supported include the creation of digital content and resources or providing online help and technical support. Find out more and apply at Our Singapore Fund for Digital Readiness.

For more tips, visit the IMSilver website!

Stay Safe Online

New to online activities? You can learn how to stay safe as you go about your online activities.

Visit the IMSilver page where you can learn tips about cyber security and staying safe online.

Also, do remember to be wary of online scams.

To learn more, visit the IMSilver page that helps you to avoid falling prey to online scams.

Last updated on: 21 May 2020