The digital economy is no longer just about the technology sector and digital firms, it is increasingly about the digitalization of the supply chain function across all sectors.

Encourage companies of all sectors to adopt technology

At IMDA, we are spearheading Singapore’s drive towards a digital economy and that includes supporting the digitalisation and transformation of key economic sectors.

We continue to work closely with respective government agencies, trade associations and chambers to help companies, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and workers to build up their digital capabilities.

For example, the Industry Digital plans (IDPs) under SMEs Go Digital programme are tailored to each sector and aligned to the objectives of the sector’s Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs).

These provide SMEs with an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide on the digital solutions to adopt at each stage of their growth. For a start, SMEs can use the IDP for their sector to find out if their business is digital-ready. Large enterprises in the industry can also use the digital roadmap to guide their digital journey.

Last updated on: 28 May 2020