Guiding SMEs to Adopt Digital Technology through Industry Digital Plans

Regardless of which stage you are at on the digitalisation journey, you will be supported with step-by-step advice on the digital technologies to use through the Industry Digital Plans (IDPs). Take the self-test to find out how digital-ready your business is and the steps to take to further your digital efforts.

The sector-specific IDPs, developed by IMDA and sector lead agencies, are central to the SMEs Go Digital programme that makes going digital simple for SMEs.

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Who is it for

SMEs at any stage of growth.


The IDPs provide SMEs of various sectors with an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide on the digital solutions to adopt at each stage of growth and the training programmes to enhance employees’ digital skills.

For a start, you can use the IDP for your sector to find out if your business is digital-ready and identify opportunities to boost growth and productivity.

Available Resources

IDPs have been developed for the following sectors, where digital technology can significantly improve productivity. Read on to find out how you can digitalise your business, plug skills gaps and participate in industry pilot projects in the following sectors.

Click on each of the icons to learn more about the industry.

Accountancy IDP


Download the IDP (3.99MB)

Construction and Management IDP

Construction and Facilities Management

Download the IDP (5.46MB)

Early Childhood

Download the IDP (4.27MB)

Environmental Services icon

Environmental Services

Download the IDP (3.92MB)

Food Manufacturing

Download the IDP (4.09MB)


Food Services

Download the IDP (5.06MB)

Hotel Industry Digital Plan


Download the IDP (6.20MB)

Land Transport

Download the English IDP (1.81MB) and Chinese IDP (2.86MB)

Logistics icon


Download the IDP (3.89MB)

Marine and Offshore Engineering

Download the IDP (3.81MB)

Media icon


Download the IDP (2.76MB)

Precision Engineering icon

Precision Engineering

Download the IDP (1.02MB)

Process Construction and Maintenance (Engineering Services)

Download the IDP (2.43MB)

Retail IDP icon


Download the IDP (4.22MB)

Security IDP icon


Download the IDP (4.22MB)


Training and Adult Education

Download the IDP (3.06MB)

WST icon

Wholesale Trade

Download the IDP (4.28MB)


We strongly value your input. Send us your comments and feedback on the IDPs for SMEs. Simply download, fill in the feedback form (269.90KB) (best viewed in Microsoft Word) and email the completed form to info@imda.gov.sg.

Last updated on: 25 Apr 2022