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Guidelines for Telecom Advertising in Singapore

Issued Date: 26/04/2000

Decision Date: 01/05/2002

1 May 2002

Proposed Advisory Guidelines on Advertising in Singapore for the Telecommunication Industry
IDA's Decision (7.12KB)
Consultation Paper (10.18KB)
Annex (11.04KB)

a) IDA invites licensees, users and other interested parties to submit written comments regarding the proposed Guidelines.

b) IDA requests that commenters use the following format in providing their comments:
  • General views and comments on the overall approach of the Guidelines;
  • Comments regarding specific provisions of the Guidelines; and
  • Suggestions for removal of/additional provisions.

c) All comments should be submitted to IDA in hard copy (1 copy) and diskette (Word 97 format). Comments may also be e-mailed. Comments should be clear and succinct. All written comments should be submitted to IDA by 12 noon on Wednesday, 10 May 2000. Comments received after 12 noon will not be accepted or considered. Respondents are required to include their personal/company particulars as well as correspondence address in their submissions. All comments should be addressed to:

Ms Ng Cher Keng
Director (Policy)
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
8 Temasek Boulevard
#14-00 Suntec Tower Three
Singapore 038955

d) IDA will post all comments on its website.

e) Based on the written comments, IDA will make the appropriate modifications to the proposed Guidelines. IDA anticipates issuing the Guidelines by the second quarter of 2000.

Responses Received at Closing Date
StarHub Pte Ltd (81.00KB)
MobileOne Asia (30.00KB)
Annex 1 (11.04KB)
Singapore Telecommunication Ltd (58.00KB)
SingTel Mobile Pte Ltd (29.00KB)
SingTel Paging Pte Ltd (29.00KB)
SingNet Pte Ltd (25.00KB)
Responses Received as at Closing Date
Reuters Asia Pte Ltd (48.50KB)
Association of Communications Enterprises ("ASCENT") (186.00KB)
Covad (219.46KB)
Global Crossing Ltd. and Asia Global Crossing Ltd (29.00KB)
Comments (110.00KB)
Callahan Associates International  (45.00KB)
Enron International Asia (24.00KB) 
Winstar Communications Singapore Pte Ltd (64.00KB)
StarHub Pte Ltd (290.00KB)
Interconnection (114.50KB)
Yuana Pte Ltd (216.50KB)
MobileOne Asia Pte Ltd (53.00KB)
Interconnection (46.50KB)
Global One Communications Pte Ltd (158.00KB)
Annex (27.00KB)
Singapore Telecommunication Ltd (191.00KB)
Interconnection (479.50KB)
MCI WorldCom Asia Pte Ltd (78.00KB)
SP Telecommunications Pte Ltd (58.00KB)