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SMEs Go Digital

last updated 24 May 2019

Announced at Budget 2017, the SMEs Go Digital Programme aims to help SMEs use digital technologies, build strong digital capabilities and participate in the Digital Economy.

SMEs Go Digital was announced at Budget 2017 to help SMEs build stronger digital capabilities to seize the opportunities for growth in the digital economy. Building on the foundation of Enhanced iSPRINT, SMEs Go Digital takes on a more structured and inclusive approach towards the adoption of digital technologies by SMEs. Click here for the SMEs Go Digital factsheet.

Latest Updates:

For the list of pre-approved solutions supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant, visit: Tech Depot at SME Portal.

List of Pre-Approved Solutions

Make Going Digital Simple for SMEs

What does it take for SME businesses to automate and streamline operations? How can they gain deep insights into in-store behaviour and improve sales? How do SMEs ease their entry into new markets? 

These opportunities and more are within the reach of local SMEs through the use of digital technologies.

Regardless of which stage SMEs are at on their digitalisation journey, SMEs will be supported with step-by-step advice on the digital technologies to use through the Industry Digital Plans (IDPs).  

The IDPs have been rolled out for the following industries:

SMEs, who have just started their business or are new to digital technology, can now take up a Start Digital Pack to give them a head start in going digital. All SMEs can benefit from starting with the right foundational digital tools, which will help position their business well for growth, resilience and productivity.

Infocomm Media (ICM) Vendors play a key role in the SMEs Go Digital Programme.

ICM Vendors with ready digital solutions proven to deliver productivity gains to SMEs are invited to submit their solutions to be pre-approved under the Programme. 

Evaluation Criteria: 

To be pre-approved under the Programme, ICM Vendors will be evaluated on the vendor's capacity and capability; as well as whether their solutions meet the requirements of target industries.

ICM Vendors can download and complete the Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist for the following industries to determine if their digital solutions are eligible for pre-approval under SMEs Go Digital.

Industry SolutionVersion Publish Date 
 Generic (applicable to all industries) 19-1.2 23 May 2019
 Cyber Security 19-1.0 3 May 2019
 Early Childhood 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Environmental Services 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Financial Services 19-1.0 3 May 2019
 Food Services 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Logistics 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Media 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Retail 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Sea Transport 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Security 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Tourism 19-1.0 8 April 2019
 Wholesale Trade 19-1.0 8 April 2019

ICM Vendors may proceed to submit the completed Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist and supporting documents to SMEs_Go_Digital@imda.gov.sg.

Pre-Approval Process: 

ICM Vendors may refer to the SMEs Go Digital Programme Guidelines, Terms and Conditions to take part in the Programme. A summary of the pre-approval process is illustrated below.

ICM Vendors Pre-Approval Process

1 IMDA conducts monthly Vendor Briefings to share details on the SMEs Go Digital Programme. For more information on the upcoming briefings, click here.

2 Application form will be released to shortlisted vendors ONLY. It takes approximately 2 to 3 months to process and notify the vendor on the outcome of the application.

Partners play a crucial role in helping us to support SMEs in their digitalisation journey.

IMDA seeks industry partners who can play an influential role in helping to digitalise their SME-clients by simplifying SMEs’ adoption of impactful digital solutions and building of their digital capabilities.

Partners can participate in the following ways:

  • Provide SMEs with one-stop solution packages such as integrated and interoperable solutions with support services; and harness values from data analytics
  • Drive consumer transactions in the use of digital solutions
  • Provide SMEs with guidance on suitable pre-approved digital solutions that best meet their business needs
  • Help SMEs to defray costs of digital technology adoption
  • Help SMEs in business ecosystems to digitalise

IMDA is pleased to have the following influential partners with us:

DBS Bankwww.dbs.com.sg
Hong Leong Financewww.hlf.com.sg
Maybank info.maybank2u.com.sg
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd (OCBC)www.ocbc.com
United Overseas Bank (UOB)www.uob.com.sg
M1 Limitedwww.m1.com.sg
Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)www.a-star.edu.sg
Institute of Technical Educationwww.ite.edu.sg
Nanyang Polytechnicwww.nyp.edu.sg
National University of Singaporewww.nus.edu.sg
Ngee Ann Polytechnicwww.np.edu.sg 
Republic Polytechnicwww.rp.edu.sg
Singapore Institute of Technologywww.singaporetech.edu.sg
Singapore Management Universitywww.smu.edu.sg
Singapore Polytechnicwww.sp.edu.sg
Singapore University of Social Sciencewww.suss.edu.sg
Singapore University of Technology and Designwww.sutd.edu.sg
Temasek Polytechnicwww.tp.edu.sg

To explore such partnership opportunities, please contact us at info@imda.gov.sg

We value your input. Send us your comments and feedback on the SMEs Go Digital Programme. Simply download, fill in the feedback form (best viewed in Microsoft Word) and email the completed form to info@imda.gov.sg