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Public Consultation - A Proposed Framework to Building Trust and Confidence in E-Commerce

Issued Date: 21/09/2000

Decision Date: 21/02/2001

Consultation on "A Proposed Framework to Building Trust and Confidence In E-Commerce"

21 February 2001

Results of Consultation on "A Proposed Framework to Building Trust and Confidence In E-Commerce"

IDA's Main Findings
Summary of Findings and Follow-up to Industry Consultation (21.69KB)

IDA's Consultation Paper - Released on 26 Sep 2000

The comment period for public comments concerning strategies on trust and confidence in electronic commerce has closed on 31 Oct 00. IDA would like to thank all who have contributed their most valued comments and IDA will now review these comments in considering the strategies to build trust and confidence in e-commerce in Singapore.

Consultation paper (46.80KB)

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), together in consultation with other government agencies, issues this Consultation Paper to seek views of the industry and interested members of the public on the strategies and initiatives that the Government can put in place to help build trust and confidence to facilitate EC growth. The list of strategies and initiatives identified in the document covers the Government's current thinking, which are still works in progress. In developing this framework, the Government is seeking public comment and feedback in these or additional ideas.

All views and comments should be submitted in writing and in either hard copy or soft copy (as e-mail attachment), and should reach the IDA on or before 31 October 2000. Respondents are required to include their personal/company particulars as well as the correspondence address in their submissions. Hard copies of comments and views should be addressed to:

Ms Serene Ho
Assistant Director (Electronic Commerce Infrastructure)
Online Development
Info-communications Development Authority of Singapore
8 Temasek Bolevard, #14-00, Suntec Tower 3
Singapore 038988
Fax: (65) 211-2231


Please send the soft copies to:

Responses Received as at Closing Date on 31 October 2000
No. Title
1. Asiabond portal (21.50KB)
Response (23.50KB)
2. Auplex (535.50KB) 
3. (66.50KB)
4. Commodity Exchange (83.50KB)
5. Debtdomain (40.00KB)
6. DeepKnowledge and (75.54KB)
7. e2-Capital Pte Ltd (40.50KB)
8. .EHPT Malaysia Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunication Sdn Bhd) (93.79KB)
9. HSBC (56.50KB)
10. IBM ASEAN/South Asia (23.50KB)
11. ID.Safe Pte Ltd (46.50KB)
12. iPIN (25.00KB)
13. Pte Ltd (26.00KB)
14. MobileOne (56.00KB)
15. National University of Singapore, School of Computing (20.00KB)
16. Nanyang Technological University (26.00KB)
17. Neoh Shung Kee Advocate & Solicitor (42.00KB)
18. Netrust Pte Ltd (225.00KB)
19. Onemedhub Pte Ltd (47.00KB)
20. (26.50KB)
21. Payperfect (22.00KB)
22. (19.50KB)
23. Singapore Academy of Law (404.00KB)
24. Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (20.50KB)
25. Singapore Exhibition Services (25.50KB)
26. Systems@work (97.50KB)
27. Transparity (23.00KB)
28. TrustMarque (72.00KB)
29. 2BeSource (51.50KB)
30. Mr Ang Peng Hwa, NTU (19.00KB)
31. Mr Siew Hean Meng (20.50KB)
32. Mr Teo Hock Hai (19.50KB)
33. Feedback from Project Team on PKI/CA(members - Baltimore Technologies, BCS Information Systems, Citibank N.A., HSBC. Identrus LLC, ID.Safe, Keppel TatLee bank, Netrust, NETS, The Chase Manhatten Bank, Visa International) (49.00KB)
34. Feedback from Security Standards Technical Committee, ITSC and PrivyLink International Ltd (37.09KB)
35. EHPT Malaysia Sdn Bhd (93.79KB)